The Swikly application is now in the Online Check-in!

par Living Parisian team


The Online Check-in hosts today its new traveling partner: the Swikly application, available today on our Marketplace!

You securize your reservations with a guarantee system but having amounts and amounts of checks makes it difficult? We understand! Swikly services are made for you!

Forget checks, securize your deposits online.

Swikly is a French trustworthy third-party. It allows you to securize deposits online by bank card imprint: securize deposits online by bank card imprint: no need to ask yours guests for checks when they arrive and to class them among so many others.

That is why Swikly and the Online Check-in are such an effective pair. Our solutions share a same vision of less constraining reservations, both for the guest and the establishment. Swikly will help your customers deposit their guarantee online, before their arrival during their Online Check-in. The innovative Swikly system does not charge your guests nor it reduces their debit ceiling! You can thus refocus on your welcome and on the customer relationship at your guests’ arrival.


As always, we adapt to you.

The duo shares one more goal: being flexible and adaptable to your specificites and particular obligations. With Swikly you can choose the period of validity of the guarantee, pay all or part of the guarantee in and keep all your payment habits on the spot.

Thanks to Swikly and the Online Check-in, you can even take payments from your guests such as the tourist tax or the cleaning fees. In this sector, it is a tremendous advantage when numerous reservation channels do not directly pay them in.

Trust before all.

Swikly has even more advantages: it is not only a fully securized system thanks to a 3D Secure verification procedure for each guarantee deposit, it also handles the potentiel disputes with your guests and will act as a mediator if you need it.

Make your life and your guests’ easier today and include the Swikly application in your Online Check-in!

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