Securize your reservations with one click without bothering with checks or transfers.



Swikly is a trustworthy third-party. It will allow you to securize an online deposit by bank card imprint . You do not need to wait for any bank transfer or deposit check.

Your guests will confirm their deposit easily and quickly. Swikly allows you to to securize this guarantee during three months.


Swikly works perfectly with the Online Check-in. The connection between them is ideal and ergonomic: once Swikly application activated, you simply add an amount to guarantee. A Swikly step will now be in your Online Check-in system. Each guest will be able to validate their deposit from there.

The experience is simple and secure for your guests: once they have entered their credit card number, a 3D-Secure code will be required to securize the deposit. Their bank card is not charged and its limit is not affected.

In case of any banking difficulty and transaction interruption, a simple click in your channel manager will allow you to debug the application and your clients to go to the next step of their Online Check-in.

At last, in our Online Check-in, Swikly application perfectly answers your needs if you use several channels: you can activate or disable Swikly automatically as function of the reservation channel that has been used. . It will be for example very easy to automatically activate the deposit for Booking.com reservations and disable it for Airbnb reservations!