Living Parisian was born in the corridors of the Sorbonne and the Ecole 42.

At Living Parisian we build a platform binding teams with applications, services and resources necessary to realize daily tasks in temporary touristic accomodations. Since its creation in 2015, Living Parisian is the fastest growing professional application. Thousands of people everywhere in the world use Living Parisian application to manage communication flows with reservation channels (Airbnb, Booking…), to make daily tasks better targeted and more relevant and to go about their companies’ goals.

Develop in every direction

Anywhere is your secret weapon

Its power comes from its simplicity and its flexibility. Because it offers an almost unlimited personalization, its style will be yours.


As you wish!

Customize our products to adapt them to your activity


Clients first

Develop with our platform to create a unique customer experience.


Work smarter

Integrate other tools to increase your team’s productivity

Simplicity and innovation.

Living Parisian team has one goal: we think that everybody deserves to work with top-end, reliable and customizable tools. That is why we do our best to provide everyone with the exact platform they need to run their activity.