A global solution

Anywhere is a remarkably simple system designed to follow, synchronize and manage your reservations and conversations on Airbnb and Booking.com. The solution comes with a worldwide unique Online Check-in system.

Frequently asked questions

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What's Anywhere?

It is the name of our channel manager. You can get it alone or with the Online Check-in.

Can I choose the channel manager without the Online Check-in

Yes, you can take the channel manager alone. On the other hand, you cannot get the Online Check-in alone at the moment.

How can I test Anywhere?

After getting an insight of the features on the website, You can try Anywhere and the Online Check-in for free during one month by clicking on "Free trial". Just fill a few informations and we will open a customized environment just for you.

Can I customize the look of the channel manager ?

Yes, from the color to the logo: everything can be customized: so that your users only see your brand.

Are there software updates?

Yes, every two weeks approximately, We update the channel manager and the Online Check-in and add new features.

What reservation sites is Anywhere integrated with?

Anywhere works with every major reservation platform: Airbnb, Booking.com and many others in the process of integration.

Are your prices fixed or variable?

Unlike many of our rivals, We do not take any commission and commercialize our solution with a fixed price, that you just need to multiply by your number of properties.

Is there any follow up of my use if I become a customer?

We make every effort to listen to our clients. We help you on the plateform and we remain at your service if you have any question or suggestion.

If I have any other questions?

You can write to us on bonjour@livingparisian.com