Igloohome application is available today on our Marketplace!

par Living Parisian Team

A few weeks ago we were happy to announce you our new partnership with Igloohome: with its connected locks, bolts and keyboxes, Igloohome shares with Living Parisian the same vision of a simple and easy check-in.

To fulfil this mission, Living Parisian engineers have developed a brand new application for your Online Check-in. Available today on our Marketplace, the simply named Igloohome application will take care of generating different access codes for each stay. Your guests will only have to complete their Online Check-in to get their access codes, and to type them on your Igloohome device to access your property.


Check-in online. Be there on time.

But that is not all! Igloohome application will become an actual guide to get to the property. It will not only generate and send the access codes: you will also be able to send all the check-in instructions and informations to your guests. Add a map, write the precise itinerary and illustrate it with a picture of the facade to be sure your guests will be there on time.


Security. Flexibility. Autonomy.

Igloohome application is a guarantee of safety for you and for your guests. The access code will never be the same from one stay to the next. You will never again be afraid of an unwarranted use of the codes before check-in time or after check-out time. And your guests will have everything they need to get easily to the property.

The application is flexible and will adapt to your needs: it is up to you to choose the lifetime of the access codes. They can be valid all day, from the check-in time to the check-out time your guests have declared when they checked in online, or during a period of time you settle yourself. And of course, you choose the moment the access codes are sent: 100 days, 10 days or 2 days before arrival, it is up to you to choose!