Access codes Automatically generated, automatically transmitted to your guests



Igloohome is one of our preferred partners for solutions to access your accomodation. Igloohome offers connected keyboxes, bolts and locks for an autonomous and secure access to your property.

With Igloohome application, the Online Check-in will automatically generate a single access code for each stay and different from one stay to the following. It will then automatically transmit it to your guests.


Igloohome application creates a perfect synchronization between your Online Check-in and your Igloohome device.

Once your Igloohome device set in your property, your Igloohome application will let you customize the time of availability of the access codes.

You will be able to decide if the access codes (automatically generated) will be available: the whole day (from midnight to 11:59PM), at the hours set in Check-in time application (i.e. the check-in time and check-out time declared by your guests when they checked in online) or at hours that you set yourself regardless of what your guests declared.

When they read Igloohome page in their Online Check-in, your guests simply get the access codes to the property, and the check-in instructions that you wrote!