Igloohome opens new doors to the Online Check-in

par Living Parisian Team

As you know, Living Parisian has one goal and one purpose: make the management of your touristic accomodation easier.

To achieve this objective we always look for the best partners and the best solutions to enhance your experience and your establishments.

Last but not least, our partnership with Igloohome will make your guests’ check-in safer and flow better thanks to their connected keyboxes, bolts and locks. .

More security, less constraint, greater freedom!

Igloohomes devices work offline but are as effective as any lock connected to Internet. No risk of piracy, no need to be close to a WiFi network or to the electric grid, but all the advantages of a connection!

In particular, the access codes to your property will never be the same from one guest to the following. No more risk of an unwarranted occupation of your accomodation, before or after the required time and date! Each code will only be valid for each stay and will only work from the precise time of the check-in. Each code but yours which is endlessly valid.


And of course the Online Check-in will be in charge of generating automatically the access code and transmitting it to your guest. It is thus one more step towards the automation of your establishment management, as it keeps on making the check-in always easier.

You do not have anything more to do: forget about keys delivery, forget about the steady modification of the codes of your electric lock or your Masterlock! You are now as free as your guests.

Perfect for autonomous properties. But not only.

So you may tell us that all this is great for an autonomous property, but not so useful for an establishment with a physical reception. It actually is! Igloohome products will be as successful there by replacing your key or card system.


How many times have your guests locked themselves out of their room, have they lost their card or asked for an extra key that you could not provide? These are costs you can save by choosing an Igloohome lock!

Every owner, every establishment board, every concierge service will quickly be able to see everything the Online Check-in and Igloohome products can provide them in terms of security, rapidity, autonomy and comfort.