Bots will gain a foothold on Airbnb

par Living Parisian team


Simple communication option for some, future of the application for others, the bot is progressively setting up in our lives.

Originally a simple way to automatically execute a computer code and to automate tasks, the bot has become one of the best reps of mainstream AI. From the rule on your mailbox at its most basic to an actual vocal personal assistant at its most accomplished, like famous Apple Siri, the bot meets a petty but laudable goal: make your life easier.

Almost any request can now be answered by bots: play our favourite record with a simple word, show us the best restaurant in the area, tell us about the reason of the delay of our train or simply tell about us the weather.


It is a bargain for the consumers we are as for the companies we work in.

Forget about call-centers and their 20 minute waits during an overcharged call. Forget about austere answering machines and their pre-recorded answers. Forget about mails answered only two days later… Bots are the future of customer service.

Its availability is no comparison with a call-center: a bot answers simultaneously every request, round the clock, during week-ends and public holidays! It gives the client full liberty to get organized with their own needs, and not as a function of the company’s needs.

Our chatbots can also speak like humans.

Ray Kurzweil - Google inc.

Its range of possibilities is much larger than an answering machine: the bot can use all the knowledge of the Internet. It learns through contact of the guest, gets quickly experienced and adapts its reaction to every request. It simply answers the guest’s question, and not the question anticipated by its developer.

Its rapidity demotes the mail to a simple paper letter: it answers instantly and without delay. Being in a hurry is no longer a cause of stress for the guest.

Need a bit of a human touch? The bot is not frustrated if it is only an intermediary. It will naturally be disposed to connect the guest with a professional.

In the touristic accomodation sector, the bot allows to increase what still lacks to the guest: their freedom.

They no longer have to be precisely at 4pm at the property: they can check-in at 10pm without the fear of a no-answer if they have trouble. No more fear to get no answer from the host after their reservation: the bot will take over from the host and solve all customer issues.

With our Online Check-in System, the bot represents a new step forward to our prime goal: help your guests to help themselves by reducing their obligations and giving them all the tools necessary to their autonomy.

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