A new reservations calendar for Anywhere

par Living Parisian team

Available for several months to our customers, a new calendar has appeared in the Anywhere management space: the booking calendar.

Quickly view the status of your reservations

At a glance, access all your reservations, view the duration, details and manage them.
No more need to look at the reservations table: which are the reservations of the week? What are the reservations for August 12 and how long are they? The Anywhere channel manager shows you quickly and clearly all your bookings based on the preview period.

And since it is fully compatible with the multi-channel dimension of your channel manager Anywhere, the booking calendar works with all your booking channels (Airbnb, Booking, etc.).

A more visual aspect

You are now done with endless and repetitive tables: this new feature makes managing your homes more pleasant and visual.

In just a few clicks, you now have perfect visibility of the situation of your establishments!

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