Automation at the heart of Anywhere with automated messaging

par Living Parisian team

A channel manager has to simplify your management, otherwise it is useless. Based on this observation, we are constantly improving Anywhere, our centralised facility management system for companies specialising in short-term stays.

Schedule messages to be sent to your travellers

A new automated messaging feature has just been added to Anywhere. The new automated messaging allows you to prepare messages that will be sent at the appropriate time in the re-booking process, from the confirmation of the booking to the departure of the traveller.

Since its creation, our Anywhere channel manager solution has offered a system for centralizing your messages from your different booking channels (Aribnb, Booking, etc.): instead of going through the different portals, you can manage all your conversations from a single page. We decided to go even further.

Booking confirmation, check-in instructions, welcome message, thank you message and much more: the new automated messaging allows you to schedule the sending of your messages by establishment and under different conditions without having to worry about having to do it manually.

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