Anywhere: new features for your calendars

par Living Parisian team

The last update of Anywhere comes with new features for your calendars: they are now even more reactive, even more flexible.

Search your availabilities.

With the new availability research function you will no longer need to look at the entire list of your establishments and to look your calendar one by one.

You need to know what accomodations are available from the 10th to the 12th of July at a price between 100 and 400€ a night which can host 4 guests? Anywhere will show you quickly and clearly all your available properties as a function of your criteria: date, price or number of guests.

Since it respects the multicanal dimension of your channel manager, the availability research function works with all your reservation channels (Airbnb,, etc).

Closed on arrival

Your cleaning service has taken a holiday on the 23rd of August and your property will not be ready for new guests? Your receptionnist does not work on the 24th of August and will not be able to welcome new clients? It is no longer a problem with the new function « Closed on arrival »!

From now on, you will be able to set dates on which arrival will not be possible. Simply click on the button « Closed on arrival »: your calendar will no longer suggest this property and this date for the beginning of a stay. But this date will still be considered as available.

Dates which are closed by this mean can naturally be seen by your users (if they have the necessary permissions, they will be able to close these dates themselves).

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