Shuttle service

Manage easily your shuttle service and offer to your guests a tailored service.



Shuttle service application oils the wheels of your shuttle service management and makes it easier for your guests to book it.

The platform will send automatically every reservation recap to the mailbox of your choice.

As soon as they pre-check-in your guests will receive an e-ticket summing up the booked rides and the corresponding prices.


Thanks to our Shuttle service application you can allow your guests to book your shuttle service when they complete their Online Check-in, but also during their stay.

You can configure entirely the application to make your guests fill all the informations necessary to book a shuttle: pick-up time and place, arrival, number of occupants, defining the appropriate vehicle…

The application gives you full liberty to offer all the rides you want according to your shuttle service. To that end you will find a correspondence table which you will fill with every ride you offer and their price. Your guests will know the price as soon as they book the shuttle.

At last your guests will be able to fill their flight number in the application The application will immediately find the corresponding times of their flight and suggests them an appropriate pick-up time. The flight number will also be transmitted to the driver who will thus be able to be informed about a potentiel delay.