Shared files

Send automatically your files to your guests



Shared Files application allows you to provide to yours guests all the wanted files. It is a simple and efficient way to provide all the informations welcome package, way to your establishment, check-in instructions, door codes… Possibilities are endless and up to your imagination!


Our Shared files application is as simple as it is useful. Simply download the files you want to send to your guests and they will automatically be send in two ways: your guests will find them in a dedicated step of their Online Check-in and they will receive it by mail. Like for every application on the Online Check-in, they will also be able to find it on their end page if you decide so.

The application adapts to you and your needs. share a document with your guests the day before arrival for example, you are free to do so: you can configure your sharing and its temporality to make files available to download on the date you decide. A welcome flexibility for last minutes informations such as door codes.